The North Seal/Caribou Tundra Safari Adventure.

Enjoy the North Seal Wilderness Adventure PLUS an incredible adventure to the sub-arctic tundra.  You will take a scenic floatplane flight to Gangler’s Tundra Safari mini-lodge situated 90 miles north of our main North Seal River Lodge. The mini-lodge and camp on Courage Lake is on the edge of the 60th parallel bordering Nunavut in the tundra. The tundra (Barrenlands) is vastly different terrain than the sub boreal forest of the North Seal, and the Courage lake region is an great example of it. The terrain here is colorful and breathtaking in the fall. A short walk north of Courage lake camp lies a marker denoting the 60th parallel and border of Manitoba and Nunavut. Long eskers, raised sand formations created by the glaciers extend into Nunavut. One of the largest eskers is the Robertson esker which is just West of Courage lake camp. These were key travel routes for the annual caribou migrations and ancient peoples traveled them as they followed the herds throughout the year for subsistence. Some areas have historic trails carved into the Tundra, some over 1’ deep. The Courage Lake camp was built on the site of an ancient chipping station and you can still see one of the main pieces of quartz used for the ancient tools. On our tundra adventure you will experience a full range of tours, walking the land and traveling by boat, learning about the region’s history, wildlife, flora and fauna, and unique geologic formations. We find new artifacts all the time and will share these discoveries with you. On the south side of the lake lies a wolf den and beautiful river outlet. You will stand in the footprints of the ancient hunters and explorers as you breath in the scope of the beauty of this area and incredible vistas and terrain.

Caribou Tundra Activities Include:

• Guided days for Caribou viewing
• Northern Lights viewing (best Aug. 9 - Oct. 1)
• Access to Nunavut and Baralzon Ecological Preserve (optimum Northern Lights viewing)
• Experience unique walking and boating tours through the tundra and eskers
• Guided Nature/history/cultural/botany tours
• Guided wildlife viewing tours with wolf, wolverine, and ptarmigan
• Guided photographic and birding tours
• Professionally guided fishing including a Classic Canadian shore lunch
* Limit 8 guests per session
* Caribou Tundra Safari Adventure may also include a 1-day floatplane fly-out for caribou viewing if required. Limited to a 60 mi (100 km) diameter from camp.

North Seal Wilderness Activities Include:

• Northern Lights viewing (best Aug. 9 - Oct. 1)
• A unique esker ride on our Polaris Rangers as you tour the South esker
• Short hike on the pristine Central esker
• A journey to a crystal clear lake and massive wild game trails on the Northern esker
• Guided side-by-side ATV and walking esker tours
• Guided Nature/history/botany tours
• Guided bear, moose and wolf viewing tours
• Guided photographic and birding tours
• Professionally guided fishing, fly fishing instruction, including a Classic Canadian shore lunch
• Floatplane trip over the Robertson esker
• Esker exploration at Blackfish Lake
• Use of fat-tire mountain bikes, kayaks, and canoes.

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The Caribou Tundra Safari Adventure Plan Details:

Included Amenities:

• R/t air transportation from Winnipeg to NSR Lodge with expediting service
• R/t NSR Lodge to Barren Grounds mini-lodge on Courage Lake, 90 miles (145 km) north
• Comfortable mini-lodge, private tent cabins, delicious meals, central shower facility
• Complimentary starter tackle, fishing rod/reel
• 24-hr camp generator
• Free satellite Internet
• Four boats onsite

The Camp

Warm and personalized, with a cozy small lodge facility and a heated cabin per every two guests. Great meals, free Wi-Fi, and the Northern Lights under the stars and around the bonfire. Modern accommodations with a central facility.

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Unique Trip Options (Additional Fees):

Additional floatplane fly-out to a remote lake for fishing and/or exploration:

$500 per person

Day floatplane
fly-out to kayak, canoe, or raft the North Seal River:

$600 per person