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July 11, 2019
Premier Canadian Northern Manitoba Adventures News

Aug-Sept: Prime time for your
Sub-Arctic experience!

Northern Lights

Mid-August brings calm, starry skies, and pleasantly cool nights. The nights grow longer and the Northern Lights begin their transfixing displays. Warm, sunny days of August create the ideal time to explore large eskers and view wildlife throughout the Northern Manitoba province.

Summer and fall months introduce the best time for walking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking and photographic safaris.
The official season of summer is June 21 through September 23 for the Northern Hemisphere. Gangler’s Sub-Arctic falls under the Sub-Arctic climate zone which often features long, cold winters and brief, warm summers with little precipitation making the time frame of late July thru late September prime time for experiencing the Sub-Arctic. And September is prime time for the Northern Lights, Fall colors, and the Caribou migration.

Writers, travel experts, and explorers from all over the globe are raving about Gangler’s Sub-Arctic as the Quintessential Canadian Fly-in Wilderness Experience.

“There’s a moment, as the aurora borealis begins to drift across the sky like a cartoon ghost, when the rest of the world seems to fade to insignificance.”

Editor and writer Natasha Dragun

(Former deputy editor of DestinAsian, managing editor of MiNDFOOD,
and contributor to CNN and other publications across the world)

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Gangler’s Bain Lake Camp:
A remote Canadian outpost experience for your Sub-Arctic adventure.

Bain Overhead

Remote, wild and pristine, Bain Lake Camp is 26 miles east of the North Seal Lodge. Bain is on a major junction where 5 different rivers join the North Seal River on their march to Hudson Bay. Well-loved for it’s world-class fishery during the summer, Bain offers the same incredible wilderness adventures opportunities as the North Seal lodge area but in a smaller, more intimate and wild setting. The area around Bain is home to a large, diverse group of wildlife including wolves, porcupine, bear, birds, moose, beaver, and wolverine but its also great for viewing the magnificent northern lights. Bain’s terrain also mimics the North Seal lodge area with vast eskers, islands and erratics. You can even take a side journey further north via float plane to the see the fall tundra colors and to photograph the annual migration of caribou.
Discover one of the last remaining untouched areas in Northern Canada in an intimate setting at Bain. It’s a great way to experience Gangler’s Sub-Arctic in a comfortable, personalized setting.

Bain Lake North Seal Adventure

Bain Lake/Tundra Combo

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Wildlife is Teeming in Northern Manitoba.

Bain Moose

Bain Moose

Gull Eggs

Seagull Eggs

Gull Eggs

Guests of Gangler’s Sub-Arctic visited a mid-lake gravel reef with dozens of nests filled with Arctic tern and seagull eggs. A baby gulls was photographed along with several gulls and tern eggs in the process of hatching.

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See why Lonely Planet called Northern Manitoba one of the finest places on the globe to view the Northern Lights !!!

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Wilderness, Wildlife, Water and More!

Watch for future editions of Gangler’s Sub-Arctic Exposure as we share the wilderness, wildlife, and people that make this region so special.


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“…a virtually unparalleled quintessentially Canadian wilderness experience.”

Aaron Kylie

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“An incredible wilderness adventure and bucket list destination!”

Richard Matheson Harpham
UK Adventurer, Explorer

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“There is nothing else like it, anywhere on this planet.”

Hap Wilson
Famed Canadian Paddler
and Explorer

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“…a big slice of northern Canadian heaven”

Bob Sexton
Managing Editor


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