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October 3, 2019
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Gangler’s Sub-Arctic

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Northern Lights

2019 was our second year offering our Gangler’s Sub-Arctic Adventures, and we surged from 2 guests in 2018 to 49 in 2019. Our Fall 2019 guests had many diverse wishes in mind but the one overriding priority was the same –



Lonely planet
Lonely Planet recently rated Manitoba as one of the best-kept secrets in the world for viewing the Aurora Borealis.

Based on the results of our 2019 season, Gangler’s will be at the top of the list as 100% of our guests saw the Northern Lights.

Ganglers lightsBased on a time period from Aug. 22 – Sept. 29, our guests were able to view the Northern Lights 22 out of 39 nights. Intensities ranged from a 3 to a high 9 (on a scale of 1-10). Best time frames were 11 pm – 1 am and 2:30 am – 4 am but it varied from evening to evening. Our crew consistently monitored the lights and guests enjoyed hot chocolate and adult beverages as they lounged around the campfire  enjoying the show, mere footsteps from our luxurious lodge. Many guests chose to retire for the evening until the sightings began and we would give a wake-up call when the Auroras started to heat up. When the lights got really vibrant and active, many guests went down to the main dock to watch while capturing amazing photos and several went up on an esker ride to get a 360* view of them.

Northern Lights

Ganglers PierThe views at times were simply breathtaking and many guests captured some of the best photos on their iPhones. For those with more sophisticated equipment, we had people on hand to assist. Dancing, shooting across the sky, shimmering and billowing, the Auroras were at times simply stunning with brilliant greens, and a touch of yellow and pink. And all done in comfort, with nighttime temps ranging from 36°-48° degrees (3-9°C). It was an incredible experience for all. Our fondest memory of the season was one lady for whom this was her fifth trip to see them, the previous four had produced little.Ganglers lightsAfter an evening with not one but TWO mind-blowing displays, we received a world-class bearhug along with several deep thank-yous. To be able to fulfill her lifetime wish and bring her this joy was a deeply gratifying and humbling experience for us.

Gangler’s Sub-Arctic
Aurora Borealis Top Advantages


Northern Lights lake view

Ganglers in hot zone northern lights1. Located in the heart of the Aurora Borealis hot zone.

2. Located inland from any sea body, weather patterns generally move out quickly, ensuring clear weather for visibility and viewing during your visit.

3. Peak period mid-August thru early October, ensuring comfortable temperatures (34°-50°F, 2°-10°C) when viewing.

4. The North Seal eskers offer a stunning elevated 360° view of the Auroras as they zoom and form across the Northern Manitoba sky.


5. A TOTALLY remote destination, 230 miles from the closest city. This is TRUE darkness, enabling the lights to be seen at their utmost. The only noise you may hear is the cry of the loon or howl of a wolf.

6. A warm, personalized setting, limited to only 20 guests at a time. Our staff ratio is over 1:1.

Fly-in only, located 640 miles North of Winnipeg, at the top of the Canadian Boreal forest and only 60 miles from the Nunavut border, no other Northern destination is as easy to travel to. Guests board our private charter in Winnipeg and land 2 1/2 hours later on our 5400′ private runway adjoining the lodge. Incredible!

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Bain Moose

As stunning as the Northern Lights are to see, they are truly only a part of the North Seal Experience we offer. Our goal is to offer guests the consummate Northern Canadian fly-in experience. This coupled with the unique topography and history of the area makes for an incredible experience.

Esker tours, world-class hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, native history and artifacts (ancient and more recent), kayaking and canoeing, nature and botany tours and presentations, tundra trips and of course, fishing, are many of the experiences we offer and include.

The 2020 North Seal Experience still has openings

North Seal Fall Wilderness Adventure

5 day trips

August 22 – 27
August 27 – September 1

(There are only 20 openings per trip.)

$6695 USD

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8% off Prepay Special

Space is Limited.


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Reserve now and receive a Gangler’s Sub-Arctic Toque!


The NEW 2020 Fall Boreal Forest / Tundra Experience

Bain Lake Boreal Forest Wilderness Adventure/Tundra Safari Combo

8 day trips

September 1-9
September 9-17

(This trip is located at our Bain Lake and Courage Lake camps. There are only 8 openings per trip.)

$8595 USD

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8% off Prepay Special

Space is Limited.


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“We came to see the Northern Lights but experienced SO much more.
We had no idea the trip would be like this,
it was a truly wonderful experience.
We are very well-travelled but this place is totally unique, there is nothing else like it!”

– Guest Peggy W.

NEW Spring Photography Tours for Bears, Birds and Wolves


Wolf North Seal


New for 2020, we will be offering limited availability on two amazing experiences tailored to photographers and birders. We will be running two remote camps in the North Seal area to photograph black bears, birds, and other wildlife. One of the unique features of our area is the unique colored black bears that roam around the North Seal. Bears that are colored chocolate, cinnamon, honey blonde, wheat, and even white are seen often in these areas. These bears are not used to humans so will appear throughout the day and are not wary. It is a grand opportunity to photograph these unique bears.

Bears of North Seal

This trip is limited to 2 guests per camp at a time, 4-day and 8-day trips are available.
We will also be offering on a limited basis our Courage Lake Tundra Camp. Courage is set on the border of Manitoba and Nunavut, next to an Ecological preserve, a unique setting and opportunity to photograph unique birds and denning wolves. This trip is limited to 4 guests per time slot.

Spring Bear/ Birding Photography Camps

4 day trips

June 10-14, 14-18,18-22, 22-26

$5195 USD

8 day trips

(2 locations)
June 10-18, 18-26

$6795 USD

Call Now to Book and
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Space is Limited.


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Book Your 2020 Adventure Today!


We are now accepting reservations for 2020 and some trips are already sold-out. Please give us a call to confirm an amazing 2020 Sub-Arctic Experience with Gangler’s !


Choose From Our 7 Sub-Arctic Adventures:

• North Seal Wilderness Adventure (TRIP 1)

• Tundra Safari Adventure (TRIP 2)

• Boreal Forest/Tundra Safari Adventure (TRIP 3)

• North Seal/Churchill Belugas & Bears Adventure (TRIP 4)

• Bain Lake Fall Wilderness Adventure (TRIP 5)

• Spring Bear/Birding Photography Adventure (TRIP 6)

• Spring Tundra Adventure – Denning wolves/birding (TRIP 7)

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Wilderness, Wildlife, Water and More!

Watch for future editions of Gangler’s Sub-Arctic Exposure as we share the wilderness, wildlife, and people that make this region so special.


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“…a virtually unparalleled quintessentially Canadian wilderness experience.”

Aaron Kylie

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“An incredible wilderness adventure and bucket list destination!”

Richard Matheson Harpham
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“There is nothing else like it, anywhere on this planet.”

Hap Wilson
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“…a big slice of northern Canadian heaven”

Bob Sexton
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