Well they don’t call it the first day of spring for nothing. Forget about April showers, I’ve got rain in the forecast and it was minus three degrees at 6 am this morning. Yesterday I reached a high of 10 celcius and with a wind from the south-east the snow on the rooftops is melting considerably. My oil heater is shut off inside the cabin and I have the windows open, I can actually hear the drip drip of water from the eaves. I would leave the door open but there is a mischievous little marten that I know would try to sneak in.

The northern lights have become a regular occurrence, practically every night since my last blog a week ago. The colors are increasing in intensity and the duration is longer. One night I thought there were headlights from a snowmobile the sky was so bright.

Foxy is still a regular visitor and sort of a permanent resident. Sometimes even curls up on a snow bank beside the cabin to have a nap. After an absence of a few days she/he appeared looking pretty rough and wobbly. I suspect maybe an encounter with wolves? I haven’t seen any yet but I discovered some grayish fur on the runway which I guessed to be from a wolf. I sure hope to have a sighting before leaving camp.

Happy Equinox to everyone!