Our winter caretaker, Jacques Lussier, is nearing the end of his winter stay at Ganglers. Jacques arrived in the most remote corner of Northern Manitoba in late October and has only seen the rare winter caribou hunter since. His blogs have us yearning to get back to the land we love so much…..

The flames were rising behind the trees as the forest fire raged on the horizon. This momentary thought was replaced by the realization that I was once again fooled by the northern lights playing tricks with my mind. The deepest pink and red colors spiking from the ground up, along with the glowing reflection on the clouds, was quite a convincing illusion. Last night I was happy to get a tremendous light show before my departure and what a grand finale it was to celebrate the end of a marvelous adventure. The past six months have taught me more than ever to appreciate the experience we call life, one precious moment at a time. I suppose my next challenge will be to apply this grace in the world of humans which is at present in a particular kind of troubled state. Hopefully I can bring some peace, serenity and healing power of nature from this wilderness landscape.

I’m going to miss my pal. I thank her for keeping me company and teaching me increased awareness, seeing through deception and a call to be discerning. The fox “medicine” was the perfect lesson I needed.

* Foxy friend waits patiently for breakfast