Bain Lake Sub-Arctic Wilderness Adventure.

Enjoy a quintessential Canadian fly-In wilderness experience, one in which you could only dream existed. Remote, wild, pristine & untouched beauty – you have discovered one of the last remaining untouched areas in Northern Canada. Gangler’s Bain Lake Mini-lodge sits in the heart of the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, almost 250 miles from the closest road. Bain Lake is 26 miles east of the main lodge and sits on the North Seal River, at a major junction where 5 different rivers join the North Seal on its march to Hudson Bay.
The Bain Lake experience is designed to mirror our North Seal Adventure but in a smaller setting , limited to only eight guests at a time. This geographically unique area, dominated by rare sand eskers and over 100 lakes and 12 river systems has history extending back thousands of years. The eskers, large raised sand formations formed by the glaciers and rising 400’ above the landscape, extend as far North and South as 200 miles. They were the key travel routes for the annual caribou migration and the ancient peoples traveled them as they followed the herds throughout the year for subsistence. The waterways opened the land to the first Europeans, trappers and missionaries who explored and charted this vast wilderness. You will experience a full range of tours, learning about the region’s history, seeing amazing wildlife, flora and fauna, and unique geologic formations.

Gangler’s will personalize each individual trip, as you add to your trip from additional different adventures and experiences this unique slice of Northern Manitoba offers. In August and September, the North Seal lies in the peak zone for the Northern Lights as you enjoy their breathtaking display outdoors in comfort. You will see and experience the beauty and ruggedness of a land forgotten by time.

Trip Activities Include:

• Experience and explore the Northern Manitoba Sub-Arctic as few have before
• Hike the boreal forest
• A journey to a crystal clear lake and massive wild game trails
• Enjoy a classic Canadian floatplane trip
• Nature/history/botany tours
• Bear, moose and wolf viewing tours
• Photographic and birding tours
• Experience a Classic Canadian shore lunch
• Kayaking and canoeing
• Learn about ancient history/cultures
• Enjoy world-class fishing
• Northern Lights viewing (best Aug. 3 – Oct. 3)

Bain Mini-Lodge Wilderness Adventure Plan Details:

Included Amenities:

• 5-star outpost w/three cabins for four people each Cabins w/fully-stocked kitchens, couch, beds, bath & propane heat
• BBQ grills, ice machine and coolers
• Camp manager & generator on-site, guiding and cooking available
• Satellite phone on site
• Custom 16 1/2’ boats w/seats, 25 hp Yamaha 4-stroke motors electric start & Eagle depth finders, casting deck
• 1 portage lake with boat, motor and gas on-site
• FREE Internet service
• Laundry facilities available
• Taxes and fishing license not included
• Trips include transportation from Winnipeg, Manitoba


2 Bain Lake Trip Options:

Bain Lake 4 Day Adventure

Bain Lake 4 Day Adventure & Tundra 4 Day Safari Combo

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Unique Trip Options (Additional Fees):

Additional floatplane fly-out to a remote lake for fishing and/or exploration:

$500 per person

Day or overnight floatplane fly-out to the Barren Grounds at Courage Lake,

90 miles (145 km) north of NSR Lodge:

$600 per person

Day floatplane
fly-out to kayak, canoe, or raft the North Seal River:

$600 per person

From July 18 – Aug. 19

we offer the

North Seal/

Churchill Bears & Belugas trips:

From September 4 – 12, 12 – 20

we offer the

Boreal Forest Bain Lake/

Caribou Tundra Safari 8 day Adventure: