How to Get Here

The MOST convenient travel to the North
with OUR exclusive runway.

Quick and convenient – Smooth connection to the Far North.

Our point of departure is Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is easily accessed with over a dozen flights a day with Delta, Westjet, United, and Air Canada. We suggest you arrive by mid-afternoon the day before your trip. Travel arrangements can be made with our recommended agents at TravelEx (800-882-0499).


How It Works.

Overnight accommodations are at the Lakeview Signature Trademark by Wyndham. Call directly to make reservations under Gangler’s (204-775-5222 ext. 7124). The Lakeview Signature Trademark by Wyndham is located a short walk or bus ride from the main terminal. Hotel pickup service is available. Usually only one overnight layover is required on the trip North. Guests arriving in Winnipeg will be met by our expediter. Simply pack an overnight bag and our expediters will take the rest of the gear to the charter plane the next morning – no lugging that bulky baggage around! They can even advise on the current Winnipeg hotspots and dining.

Early the next morning, our expediters will transport you to the charter aircraft for your flight to the lodge. Charter flights are located at the opposite end of the airport and usually depart 6 AM via a short bus ride. Due to our far Northern location, a short fuel stop in Thompson, MB is usually required. Planes will arrive at the lodge around 9 AM. On your return, all guests should depart the lodge by 10:30 AM and be back in Winnipeg by 2 PM for flights home later that day. Do not book return flights until 2:45 PM or later.

Departing the aircraft you will be greeted warmly. Once off the plane, you can walk the path to the lodge or if you need assistance we can transport you there by golf cart or ATV. At the lodge there will be hot coffee and some small breakfast items like muffins, fruit or yogurt depending on the chefs selection for that day. Main lodge guests will enjoy a hearty brunch before your adventure begins.

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance through Global Rescue. You may purchase travel insurance by using this link.!/travelinsurance/?rp=ganglers. The Signature Plus insurance must be purchased within 7 days of booking and provides the most coverage by Global Rescue.

Private Aircraft Info

For guests traveling by private aircraft, our airstrip is 5400’ long by 100’-150’ wide with a clay/gravel/sand top. There are GPS coordinates for landing. For those requesting hardtop, aircraft can be landed at Lynn Lake (150 miles away), Thompson (240 miles away), and/or Winnipeg. Guests arriving by private plane can alternate trip days provided it fits within our scheduling

Other Info For Our Flights

Weight limits on all flights are restricted to 60 lbs. per person including carry-ons. Extra luggage may be left behind and guests are responsible for any additional fees. All camps have laundry facilities. Beverages are available on-site. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal checks and cash accepted at all camps. Please refer to our travel planner for more details.

Classic Canadian Travel: Your Limo to the North

Connecting Floatplane Flights to Bain and Courage Lakes

Guest traveling to Bain and Courage Lakes can wait at our main lodge until notified that their flight is ready to depart. Full changeover usually takes around 3 hrs.

Floatplane Services

Nothing symbolizes the magic of the Canadian North more than its legendary floatplanes. The roar of a floatplane taking off, set against a backdrop of incomparable beauty, is a classic Canadian memory for many. At Ganglers’, we offer and accentuate your experience with only the finest in floatplane travel.


DeHavilland Otters and Beavers are the classic workhorses of the North. These majestic aircraft symbolize the magic of Northern Canada, harking back to a day before airstrips and roads when these aircraft were the only option. These aircraft, along with the Cessna 206 and 185, are still the standard for many. The North Seal is still one of the few areas left below the treeline still accessible only by air. Almost 250 miles from the closest road, this fact ensures our guests the pristine experience they relish.

Choosing a Northern lodge does not need to be a daunting task. The Ganglers reputation was built on offering guests Canada’s greatest experiences combined with incomparable accommodations and service to match. With that goal in mind, we offer a mix of floatplane aircraft maintained to the highest standards, ensuring you the 5-star experience you will enjoy. At Gangler’s, leave the details to us as you revel in the epitome of the Classic Canadian Adventure.