Northern Lights

The Best Place to See the Northern Lights.

northern lights Canadanorthern lights expert Brian Kotak PhDThe northern lights, Aurora Borealis, are a breathtaking sight everyone should see once in their life. Northern Manitoba sits within the peak zone for Aurora Borealis and our region offers more reliable weather for great night time viewing unlike the coasts. Our guides will explain how the Canadian northern lights form and monitor the night skies to alert you to the best times for viewing. You may even hear them crackle as they dance across the sky.

Our Northern Lights trip experience is offered in the late summer and fall when night-time temps are comfortable, ranging from 5-15*C . You will be able to see spectacular Northern Lights from both North Seal River Lodge, on the 59th parallel, where you can view them from the top of an esker, and 60 miles north, above the Treeline at our Courage Lake Caribou Tundra Lodge, where the northern lights will light up the whole sky.

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September 13, 2017