Legends of the North- Floatplanes

The iconic symbols that opened the Canadian North and it’s the ONLY way to travel in the Sub-Arctic. You will cherish a ride in one of these Canadian aviation legends. The Dehavilland Beaver , its maiden voyage in 1947, has been the Cadillac of choice ever since. Its larger cousin the Otter and the smaller Cessnas were all critical to blazing the trail in this vast wilderness.

Mention you want to get away from it all, and most of us think about a week on a beach somewhere warm and relaxing surrounded by a thousand other like-minded souls.

But when the great escape involves trekking with natives, catching your supper and getting a floatplane to the nearest shop, you know you’ve cracked it.

Aerial view of a float plane flying over Gangler's North Seal Lodge

The Classic

Canadian Experience

Floatplanes are as crucial to our Sub-Arctic exploration now as they were 80 years go. Our exploration of the eskers, journeying to unexplored fly-out lakes, aerial exploration of the eskers, and a journey to the Barrenlands to see the caribou and its other wonders, ALL are only made possible by these Canadian winged legends and the bush pilots who fly them ! The DeHavilland Beaver and Turbine Otter, the Cessna 206 and 185, see and experience the floatplanes that opened the vast Canadian North.

What’s Next

Trophy Fishing

The North Seal Watershed is world-famous for incredible trophy catch and release fishing.

It is famous as the finest destination for pursuing the Canadian Grand Slam- tropy Northern Pike, walleyes, lake trout, and the majestic Arctic Grayling.

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We know each guest has unique individual dreams and desires for their trip. Our personalized attention will assist you in choosing the activities that will set your trip above all others! Fly to a remote section of the North Seal and be one of the first to raft it pristine waters. Visit the Tundra for a day in search of  the nomadic caribou herd. The options are endless.

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Each trip is designed to bring you a unique slice of the Sub-Arctic. Let us assist you in choosing your perfect adventure! Our on-site floatplanes make every request within reach.

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