The amazing features that attract today’s traveler to the North Seal River area offered the same attraction to Indigenous peoples thousands of years ago. You will visit a land wild and untamed, unchanged from when these first explorers ventured into these lands.

It was an extraordinary experience. One of the best adventures we have ever been on. Thank you. Your staff is outstanding, John, Brian, Rita, Ralph and all the other support personnel. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

It is exciting thinking about all the directions you can go with eco-adventures.

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Learn about the region’s history, seeing and photographing amazing wildlife, flora and fauna, unique geologic formations, and of course the incredible Aurora Borealis. Ganglers has constructed a variety of tours and presentations to immerse you in the spirit and flavor of this unique, indomitable land.

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We know each guest has unique individual dreams and desires for their trip. Our personalized attention will assist you in choosing the activities that will set your trip above all others!

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Each trip is designed to bring you a unique slice of the Sub-Arctic. Let us assist you in choosing your perfect adventure!

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