Photographic Safaris

Your adventures here are an exclusive experience. You will explore, kayak and canoe, hike, bike, fish, ride on an esker tour, and fly over some of the most virgin, beautiful wilderness in the world.

I had a great time exploring the lakes and eskers around Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge. The guides I had were knowledgeable and good company. Not only did I catch a northern pike that was over 30 inches in length, I went home with some stunning photos of the Northern Lights and landscapes of northern Manitoba. It passed my ultimate test of whether I enjoyed a place and the people there: I’d happily return.

beautiful landscape image with a small pond, blue skies, and fall colors

Photographic opportunities

This region offers simply stunning opportunities. Watch for specific photographic tours Gangler’s will soon be offering.

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We know each guest has unique individual dreams and desires for their trip. Our personalized attention will assist you in choosing the activities that will set your trip above all others!

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