Bears and Belugas

polar bear standing in the middle of a marsh and surrounded by water Belugas swimming next to a boat with tourists taking pictures

We and our partners are proud to introduce the Ultimate Northern Manitoba Experience. From late July thru late August, guests of Gangler’s Sub-Arctic are able to combine their North Seal  Northern Lights Safari with a trip to the heralded seaport of Churchill, Manitoba to view its famous polar bears and the annual beluga whale migration.


  • 4 day trip
  • 5 day trip
  • 8 day trip



One-way airfare between Winnipeg and Churchill or vice versa and Transfer between Churchill airport and hotel or vice versa.


3 nights of accommodation in Churchill

Included adventures

Bears and Belugas

Take a boat or Zodiac tour and see the whales in their natural habitat and bears walking the coastline.

*Transportation included

Explore Churchill town

See this historic seaport and its interesting ecosystem.

Guided Churchill Town and Area tour.

*Transportation included

Explore Fort Churchill

Tour historic Fort Churchill and this fascinating Northern town.

*Transportation included


Learn about the land, wilderness, and history through our many tours.
Sit in on our staff biologists presentations and lectures.

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The photographic opportunities in this region offer simply stunning opportunities.

Watch for specific photographic tours Gangler’s will soon be offering.


The North Seal and Courage Lake areas have been studied extensively by the Manitoba Bird Atlas and we encourage you to add to our checklist of the many species that frequent this area.

Mountain Biking

Enjoy a unique ride through the transitional boreal forest or on the top of the eskers on a Salsa Fat Tire bike.

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