Watch the Canadian Northern Lights
August, September, and October

The most convenient and comfortable location to see spectacular Northern Lights in Canada is Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge in Northern Manitoba, Canada. Warmer climes, sensation setting, and stable weather make for one of the finest experiences in the world  for viewing the Aurora Borealis at its best.

Fast Facts

You are in the prime “Aurora Zone”

Gangler’s destinations sit in the southern part of this zone. Learn more about the “Aurora Zone” below.

Best time of year

Late summer/early Fall August, September and October have Northern Manitoba in the “Aurora Borealis Hot Zone” for Northern Lights activity.

peak times to watch

10 pm to 3 am

Average nightly temps

30˚F to 65˚F, (-1˚C to 18˚C)
Our evening darkness starts much earlier in the season and during warmer, more comfortable temperatures.

The view

The tops of our eskers offer unique unobscured 360° view of the Aurora Borealis as they form and dance across the Northern Manitoba sky.

The “Aurora Hot Zone”

Many people do not realize the magnificent and vibrant Aurora Borealis that dance across the Northern sky can be experienced between August thru October in Northern Manitoba. They burst forth with a beautiful and mesmerizing palette of electric green, often embellished by slivers of pink, yellow, magenta and orange. Simply breathtaking, an experience of a lifetime. You can travel to other areas of Canada, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden but to avoid cloudy weather, you may have to be visit during extreme cold temperature months, with night time temps often dropping to -20 C or lower. At Ganglers, this not an issue. The lodge sits inland, 180 miles west of Churchill, Manitoba and passing weather systems generally move out within a day or two ensuring Ganglers guests at least 1 to 2 nights of viewing, and sometimes more. In Northern Manitoba, Canada you can view the Northern Lights in comfort just foot steps from Gangler’s 5 star Lodge in temperatures 35˚F – 65˚F (2˚C to 18˚C). Relax in a deck chair around a campfire, enjoying your favorite beverage and wait for the show to begin. Northern Manitoba is in the “Aurora Hot Zone” and Ganglers is the Finest place to see the Northern Lights

100% Success rate of our 2019 Northern Lights guests. Many viewed the Northern Lights on multiple nights.

Relax by the fireplace or

Outside by the campfire

Wilderness adventures by day, spectacular Northern Lights in the evening. An adventure to Gangler’s Sub-Arctic is not just about the spectacular Northern Lights.

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