Northern Lights Tundra/Sub-Boreal Forest Combo

Landscape image with some fall colors with blue lake water on the right and a caribou looking out over the water Image of green skies from the Northern Lights reflecting in the lake

The tundra (Barrenlands) of Courage Lake and sub-boreal forest of Stevens/Nicklin Lakes  offers the two vastly different terrains and experiences of Northern Manitoba. The terrain at both is colorful and breathtaking in the fall.  Enjoy the uniquely different  beauty and adventures of this amazing Sub-Arctic combo while you revel in the Northern Lights at their Fall peak. Both destinations are limited groups of 8 to ensure a personalized experience.


  • 7 day trip

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Air transportation from Winnipeg with expediting service to the main lodge and a floatplane transfer to Stevens/Nicklin.

Floatplane transportation from NSRL to Barren Grounds mini-lodge on Courage Lake, 90 miles (145 km) north.


Warm and personalized, with cozy small lodge facilities and a heated cabin per every two guests at Courage; modern accommodations with a central facility and a solar system. At Stevens, 1- 4 man and 2- 2 man cabins with bathrooms per very 2 guests.


Great meals including the incredible Canadian Shore Lunch.


Free satellite Internet.


The 5 star trophy fishing the North Seal is famous for. With four boats onsite, we offer complimentary starter tackle, fishing rod/reel.

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Esker Tours

Tour the eskers in both regions. The famed Robertson Esker actually runs prominently thru Stevens/Nicklin, then travels 120 miles to just west of Courage in the Manitoba tundra. You will find the eskers in both regions to be breath-taking. These eskers have been used for centuries by the caribou and ancient hunters who followed them. You never know what you will find.

Explore the Eskers


The Sub-Boreal forest and habitat surrounding Stevens/Nicklin is prime moose habitat. Many gigantic specimens have been spotted. In the same area will also be black bear and timber wolves.

At Courage, Arctic wolves and wolverines are fairly common as they haunt the area around Courage, a main travel corridor for the Kaminuriak caribou herd.

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Trappers Cabin

Check a real Trapper’s Cabin, used as recently as 15 years ago. When you realize these men stayed in these small huts at 40 below temps, it is a eye-opening experience.


Included adventures

Explore Wildlife

Home to an amazing and unique array of wildlife to experience in their natural habitats including wolf, wolverine, and ptarmigan.

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Guided days for Caribou viewing when migration is in the area.

*May also include a 1-day floatplane fly-out for caribou viewing if required. Limited to a 60 mi (100 km) radius from camp.


The photographic opportunities in this region offer simply stunning opportunities.

Watch for specific photographic tours Gangler’s will soon be offering.


The North Seal and Courage Lake areas have been studied extensively by the Manitoba Bird Atlas and we encourage you to add to our checklist of the many species that frequent this area.

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