Tales of a Winterman – March 15, 2021

If the light show over camp last night was audible, it would be termed “in surround sound”, as the skies all around the area flashed in waves like ghosts whipping it up at a square dance. If it was a hurricane, Gangler’s lodge would have been the eye of the storm. If you could smell the atmosphere, it would be cedar and sage burning at a smudge healing ceremony. If you could touch the phenomena, it would be the finest silk worn by angels dancing in a trance. No matter how one tries to convey the northern lights in words, the description just falls flat on the page, or in this case on the computer screen. Call it : out of a dream world or a spiritual awakening, messages from outer-space or hallucinations of cosmic magnitude, the experience leaves you in awe every time and with a jubilant mark on the soul.  The conditions were perfect with a new moon providing the darkness and strong gusts of wind adding the sound effects. I look forward to another stellar performance tonight

Meanwhile, the days are getting longer with the sun rising at 6:00 and setting at 18:30. I’m getting enough sun power to charge my batteries and I don’t expect I will need to run the generator anymore. Also with the sun beaming down on my cabin I’m able to lower the heat on the oil heater. All in all, the change of season is making me feel generally more energized.