Welcome to Gangler’s Wilderness Adventures.

Welcome to Gangler’s Wilderness Adventures.

Northern Manitoba’s North Seal Wilderness

is both vast and unique with a beauty, topography and heritage unlike any other in Canada. At Gangler’s North Seal Wilderness Adventures, we utilize our 34 years of wilderness outfitting excellence as the key that unlocks this area for you. We know each guest has unique individual dreams and desires for their trip. We pride ourselves on working with each guest, utilizing the many different options we offer to create a personalized adventure reflecting their ideal experience in this unique, vast wilderness. We guarantee it will be a trip you will always cherish!


Sand eskers are long dune-like structures leftover from the glacial retreat and they are unique to only certain parts of the world. Gangler’s North Seal Wilderness is host to an incredible concentration of eskers. Their distinctive physical attributes give the area a unique beauty unlike anything you may have ever encountered.


The South Esker – Travel our incredible South Esker by Polaris Ranger. This 5-mile journey over the top of the esker provides explorers a varied perspective of the different esker topography and its surroundings as it twists and turns through varied habitat.

Lodge Esker Tour – Enjoy a walking interpretive esker tour directly behind the lodge.

North Esker Tour – Hike this beautiful esker through a mix of terrain while following a well-beaten wildlife trail and then proceed onto an unexplored, crystal clear lake.

Central Esker Tour– You will be accompanied by staff biologist Dr. Brian on his personal favorite esker where you will enjoy an informative overview of this pristine wilderness, and a cup of native Labrador tea.


Hike the Robertson Esker Archeology Tour and see artifacts and portage markers dating back over 2,000 years. Habitation of this land by ancient people dates back to pre-history 8,000 years ago. We are constantly finding new artifacts and sites every year and you may even discover one for yourself!


The Northern Lights at the North Seal Wilderness are simply extraordinary and you don’t have endure the stark freezing temps of a Canadian winter to see them! The Auroras start becoming truly “electric” after early August and appear earlier and earlier as nights become longer in August and September. Viewing times can range between 11 PM – 6 AM. Enjoy a hot chocolate or beverage around the lodge camp fire as you view and photograph these amazing sights. Or take a short walk to the top of the esker behind the lodge for a mind-blowing view that is second to none!


The iconic symbols that opened the Canadian North and it’s our ONLY way to travel around this area. You will surely experience a ride in one of these Canadian legends.



Take a pristine 2 ½ hour journey behind the lodge and into the back river near the lodge. This idyllic and pristine setting will lead you back to visions of ancient explorers as you kayak past an active beaver house and to the small creek that feeds it.


From the novice to the enthusiast, we can satisfy all. The North Seal watershed is the last remaining untouched major river system in Manitoba and has been designated a Canadian Heritage River. Take a canoe down the Back River behind the lodge or for the more adventurous, choose a 4-day trip on a section of the North Seal or Fergus Rivers.
4-day trips are guided and can be combined with a 4-day North Seal River Adventure. 8-day trips also available. Canadian canoeing legend Hap Wilson personally charted these waters for us in 2018.


There are two gorgeous areas of the North Seal watershed where guests can enjoy a one or two day guided raft excursion. Enjoy a day trip or extend your trip and revel in 4 star overnight camping out under the amazing stars, pampered with full services.


Enjoy a unique ride through the transitional boreal forest or on the top of the eskers on a Salsa Fat Tire bike. It will be a ride unlike any you have ever experienced. Or you can be dropped off by floatplane and enjoy your biking expedition back to the lodge!


Learn about the amazing peoples who have called this true wilderness home for thousands of years. Many of our guides are their direct descendants who still hunt, fish, and trap this land as their ancestors did thousands of years ago. This is the home of the Dene and the Cree, two different and distinctive tribes with rich cultural traditions.



The North Seal and Courage Lake areas have been studied extensively by the Manitoba Bird Atlas and we encourage you to add to our checklist of the many species that frequent this area.


The North Seal Watershed is world-famous for incredible trophy catch and release fishing. Huge Northern pike, lake trout, walleye and the gem of the north, the beautiful Arctic Grayling abound here. Guided fishing can be blended into any package, as much or as little as you desire, even if you only want to experience your first Canadian shore lunch. Rods, reels, and tackle are complimentary.

Classic Canadian Shore Lunch

How can such a simple meal of fresh-caught fish, fried potatoes and onions, and other treats over an open campfire be so good? For many guests, shore lunch is the most incredible meal they’ve ever had. You will have an opportunity to sample this Canadian Classic meal at Gangler’s and we bet you will request another!


The photographic opportunities in this region offer simply stunning opportunities. Watch for specific photographic tours Gangler’s will soon be offering.


The topography of the area at both the North Seal and Courage Lake is unique. Recent discoveries include huge glacial erratics: enormous house-sized rock carried by the glacier hundreds if not thousands of miles only to be left stranded in our area. Kayak or boat to one erratic which may be one of the biggest on the planet!


Interpretive Tour

Our staff will guide you on interpretive tours of the area focusing on the wildlife, botany, geography, and the history of this unique wilderness. Learn about local plant life the First Nations Peoples used for food sources and medicines. Indulge yourself in the ancient heritage of a land many are not aware even exists.

Tundra Tour

Just north of the tree line, 90 miles north of the North Seal lies Gangler’s Courage Lake camp – an amazingly remote and unique setting. The Tundra is vastly different terrain from the North Seal area, home to different flora and fauna, and a key area to the annual caribou migration in September. Enjoy a one day excursion or/ a 4-day Tundra Tour as part of our 8-day September North Seal/Tundra Experience.

Churchill Tour

In late July and August we offer an incredible combo opportunity with the North Seal Wilderness Experience plus a 3-4 day trip to the historic seaport of Churchill, Manitoba. Churchill is an ecosystem all its own and home to roving Polar Bears and the 50,000+ Beluga whales who migrate here during the summer. You can choose between 3 different Churchill options and fine tune your own experiences.

Back Country Survival

Learn about how to survive in one of the most challenging environments on the planet. Winter time temps have reached as low as -52 C.