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Exploring Eskers in Manitoba, Canada.

Standing on the sun-bleached wooden jetty that leads into Egenolf Lake in northern Manitoba I find it even more mindboggling than usual to contemplate that over 7.5 billion people crowd our planet. Over the past four days I’ve laid eyes on just a couple of dozen humans, most of them staff at Gangler’s Sub-Arctic Adventures, and have come to know everyone by name. This place really does give me the impression I’ve left the world and all its worries behind. The nearest road is 320 kilometres …

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Amelia Goes Fishing.

Fish On. That is 2 words I love to hear. I was up in Northern Manitoba at Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge. I went fishing for Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Every few minutes someone would yell out “Fish On”; This meant that someone in the boat had caught a slimy, squirmy, yummy fish on their hook. …

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Auf weiter Flur

Kein Elch”, sagt Singadore. Wir stehen auf dem Kamm eines Eskers. So nennt man her die Sanddünen, die vor Tausenden von Jahren von Gletschern gebildet wurden. Es nieselt. Wir blicken in eine endlose 
Weite aus Wasser, bewachsenen Eskern
 und noch mehr Wasser. ,,Das ist mein
 Land”, sagt der Cree, wie um uns daran 
zu erinnern, dass die First Nations, …

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Pale green lichen crackles and crunches beneath the soles of my boots as I stride uphill. The ridge we’re walking on is more than 375 kilometres north of Thompson, where the highway ends, and roughly the same distance west of Churchill – ‘the polar bear capital of the world’. Polar bears don’t venture this far…

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Manitoba, Canada: A true wilderness experience, complete with northern lights

It all started back with those haunting trips to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Ontario as a youngster. Even then, all those years ago, the seeds were sown. But by the time he was in his mid-20s, Ken Gangler’s life had hit a crossroads….

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Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge

Our Man on the Ground Travel & Lifestyle: Global Travel and Lifestyle Magazine

Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge overlooks Egenolf Lake in northern Manitoba, Canada. The remote property is well over 200 miles from the closest urban hub, Thompson, on an allocation of land….

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Manitoba’s Moment

A landscape of lakes and rivers, eskers and prairies, northern Manitoba is one of Canada’s most environmentally sensitive ecosystems. A small, remote lodge here has big ambitions to bring this fragility into fresh focus…..

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Totally hooked on Manitoba’s remote beauty.

BOUNCING about in a small boat on a lake, five miles from dry land, I was slowly getting to grips with my rod and tackle. As it happens, it didn’t take long for me to land a 30in northern pike. That meant lunch was sorted ….

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Mapping the North Seal River.

To our knowledge, the North Seal River had been paddled once in 2006 by a small group, from Egenolf Lake down to join the Seal River on Shethanei Lake (a 100 miles of wilderness paddling). This area is home to some of the best fishing in the world….

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North by Northwest.

The phenomenon that started as reluctant flickering, just above the horizon, has erupted into dancing bursts of green sweeping the night sky. Ken Gangler, the owner of Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge, mentioned during supper that, from August onwards, the Northern Lights tend to put on a show between 11pm and 1am…..

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The Tundra is Her Second Home.

Manitoba is located in the middle of Canada and stretches from the prairie in the south to the Arctic tundra in the north. The province is about twice as large as Germany with just over one million inhabitants. The north is sparsely populated, except…..

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I didn’t know what to expect flying from Winnipeg to the North Seal River area of Northern Manitoba to Gangler’s fishing lodge. It was 6am and barely light when departing on Calm Air Charters ten passenger plane. We were greeted by our German born pilot and Native Madagascar co pilot…..

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Exploring the eskers in the “Land of little sticks.

The geological formations that surround Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge in northwestern Manitoba are intriguing pathways to the past……

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Even raging wildfires in the Manitoba wilderness couldn’t stop this angler’s trophy quest.

Just before I step aboard the Beaver float plane for what I’m confident will be an amazing day of fishing, lodge owner Ken Gangler looks at me, smiles a little nervously and says, “Pray for rain.” It’s not the first thing you would expect to hear……

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